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We are all recovering from something in life. We are all in the process of recovering from the disconnection from our true self. The goal of Recovery Squared is to change what it means to recover and move from labels of addiction, alcoholism, depression, disease, divorce, illness and other manifestations. We focus on the core internal work that is required for us to recover together regardless of the symptom. Recovery Squared is a platform of inspiration and possibility to recover fully and live a life of purpose. Recovery Squared is about moving beyond living clean and sober and taking a step beyond 12-step, AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, and NA, Narcotics Anonymous into living your infinite potential. Some of the tools we cover on this show are biohacking, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, alternative recovery, recovery yoga, nutrition, neuroscience and a holistic lifestyle to transcend into a thriving life of purpose.
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Jul 25, 2016

Samuel Fox shares some powerful tools we can employ to radical transform our lives and live our infinite potential. The core of this episode is about connecting with the core of who we are. The symptoms of this disconnection are addictions, disease, depression and other problems in life. Sam breaks down the process which we become disconnected which creates suffering in our lives. He breaks down how we can rise above suffering into created a dream life by using our Inner Child as a tool in guiding our healing and thriving in life. When we live in spirit connected place we can end suffering, which includes and end to addiction, depression, disease and suffering.

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